Hi Eric.

A couple of things :
1) Martin is right, in the sense that if a "worker" is mentioned in the loadbalancer configuration ("balance_workers"), then normally you should /not/ also list it in the list of individual "workers" in the "worker.list" directive. 2) I am not even sure that you really have a problem : the logfile part that you are showing, shows "[debug]" lines with the "Missing URI map.." messages. These are not errors (otherwise they would be marked "[error]"), they are trace messages allowing you to figure out what is going on when debugging a problem. A "missing URI map" just indicates that mod_jk is trying to match the URI of the current request with one of the "JkMount" URI's, and failing *for the worker which it is now trying to match*. That does not necessarily mean that it will fail to match this URI with some other worker. 3) the debug messages show a prefix like "IBM001OAM01:". What does that correspond to ? I do not see this name in the JkMount directives that you show, nor in the part of workers.properties that you show.
4) I am a bit puzzled by this section :
>>> worker.ajp12.port=8007
>>> worker.ajp12.host=localhost
>>> worker.ajp12.type=ajp12

What is this type "ajp12" ? As far as I know, this does not exist, see
Mandatory Directives -> type

And finally, do you have a problem, and what is it ?
What really happens when you try to access a URI like 
"http://(hostname)/sso/lsm/lsm.jnlp" ?

And could you provide a *complete* list of your (Jk*) configuration directives, and a complete content of the workers.properties file ?
And maybe a short description as to what you are trying to achieve.
From what you provided so far, it is not very clear which URI's you want to "load-balance" and which not. The fact that "it worked before" is no guarantee that what you had before was entirely correct.

On 14.03.2016 11:47, Martin Knoblauch wrote:
Hi Eric,

  there are two things different from *my* working "mod_jk/1.2.41" setup:

a) I have only the "JkMount /xxx/* xxx" line in my configuration
b) in the workers list I have only the loadbalancer and the management
workers listed, not the individual ones. Not sure how relevant this is


On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 8:24 AM, ZHAO Eric <eric.z...@alcatel-lucent.com>

Dear Andre,

Thanks for your response!
We didn't use Virtual Host in our setting.  I re-read the documentation
and didn't find anything wrong with the setting, also this setting worked
before. Do you have several minutes to check the setting in our server for
mod_jk?  Appreciate for your time.

Best Regards,

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On 12.03.2016 15:04, ZHAO Eric wrote:

I am new to Tomcat Connectors, we are trying to upgrade the existing
mod_jk 1.2.23 to 1.2.40 for IPV6 configuration.

But we always got the following error in jk.log with 1.2.40, we don't
know if anything need to adjust after upgrade to the new version:
[Thu Mar 10 17:45:10.790 2016] [13878:140261127514080] [debug]
jk_translate::mod_jk.c (3855): missing uri map for
IBM001OAM01:/sso/lsm/lsm.jnlp [Thu Mar 10 17:45:10.790 2016]
[13878:140261127514080] [debug] jk_map_to_storage::mod_jk.c (4023):
missing uri map for IBM001OAM01:/sso/lsm/lsm.jnlp

Can some one help me out from this issue? Appreciated in advance, the
following are the setting, we don't have uriworkermapping.properties file..

Here is our setting for mod_jk:
<IfModule !mod_jk.c>
    LoadModule jk_module /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/mod_jk.so

JkWorkersFile /etc/httpd/conf/workers.properties
JkLogFile /var/log/jk.log
# JkLogLevel debug
JkLogLevel warning

JkMount /MIBS ajp12
JkMount /MIBS/* ajp12
JkMount /sso csajboss
JkMount /sso/* csajboss



# Added for SOAP NBI

# Added for CSA - JBOSS

#// next are lb related.

Does this happen in an Apache httpd VirtualHost ?
If yes, make sure that you re-read the configuration documentation at
and in particular, the sections about JkMount and JkMountCopy.

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