Sorry for reviving an old thread, but this one caught my eye and I just had to 
make some, admittedly off-topic, comments per the concept of assumptions that 
pervaded a number of the posts here.

1) Having worked with all manner of IBM systems, as well as some environments 
you guys probably never heard of, why anyone would assume that the way you do 
it in an IBM environment is the way you would do it anywhere else is beyond me. 
 Heck, it often doesn't work the same way going from one IBM environment to 
another.  (obligatory IBM dig here)

2) Trying to implement something in the Windows environment, I would assume 
that someone would go ahead and use the fine Windows installer that someone has 
been kind enough to create and maintain over the years -- instead of installing 
from the zip file.  But then again, people on this list keep proving me wrong 
on this point.

3) Assuming something works on Windows, or any Microsoft implementation, the 
same way it works in other environments is also beyond me (obligatory Microsoft 
dig here)

4) Someone beginning to work in a new environment would read all available 
documentation on said environment as well as the related documentation of the 
application they wish to use that specifically targets that environment.  But 
that takes time, and with the sorry state of documentation these days, or lack 
thereof, it doesn't really surprise me that someone wouldn't.  Pretty soon, we 
will be at the other end of the spectrum from the old IBM 360/370 days, where 
documentation was not only voluminous, but also incomprehensible.  That end of 
the spectrum ends with "completely non-existent, good luck reading the source 

It's been one of those weeks, and I had to get that off my chest.  I've been in 
this industry since 1982, and the only thing that's really changed is the 
names.  That and we can really mess things up much faster now.


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> On 9/8/16, 12:23 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> > Would you care to create an account on the Tomcat Wiki[1] and post
> > your CL program? It may help someone else running in similar
> > environments. In fact, if you want to write-up a whole page about
> > "Running Tomcat on IBM Midrange", you could include that as well as
> > any other nuggets you've collected throughout the years.
> Hmm. Looks like there are scant resources there for Tomcat on Midrange.
> (I bookmarked a page at that was very helpful with my
> first few installations.)
> I now have a Tomcat Wiki account, but it appears I need to request
> posting privileges (apparently via this very list?) in order to receive
> them.
> I'm enrolled as "JamesLampert"; I'll see what I can put together offline
> until I'm informed that I have posting privileges on the Wiki.
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