>> So, could we add a small example server.xml snippet
>> to the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener documentation
>> to make it clear to newbies how to add the
>> classesToInitialize option?  Something like:
>> <Listener
>> className="org.apache.catalina.core.
>> JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener"
>> classesToInitialize="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleTimeoutThreadPerVM" />
> Care to make a formal documentation patch? You'll get your name in the 
> changelog :)

Sure, how do I get started?  Yay, I'm going to be *famous*!  :-D

>> Is this also valid?
>> <Listener
>> className="org.apache.catalina.core.JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener">
>> <classesToInitialize>oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleTimeoutThreadPerVM
>> </classesToInitialize>
>> </Listener>
> I'm not sure but I don't think so. It all depends upon how Tomcat
> has configured the digester, since it treats child elements and
> element attributes differently.

OK, won't include that syntax.

>> Would examples look better after the Attribute/
>> Description table as a separate section or embedded
>> directly within the table?
> Definitely outside of the table IMO.

OK, will place examples section outside after the table.

Cris Berneburg
CACI Lead Software Engineer

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