On 18/10/2016 15:04, Bryan Larson wrote:
> Good morning.  I recently posted a question on Stack Overflow that I think
> would be better suited for this group.  Here is the question:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40050063/tomcat-max-connections-on-a-per-context-basis.
> To summarize: Besides using multiple connectors in the server.xml file, is
> there a way to limit max connections on a per context basis?


Also available all the way back to Tomcat 6.

> I read through the slides for Tomcat 9 here:
> http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/2015-09-24-Tomcat-9.pdf.
> Wording such as "Better infrastructure for the cloud"

Before I even looked at the slides I thought that sounded like JavaEE 8
waffle rather than a Tomcat feature. In the past there have been
mutterings about this having something to do with multi-tenancy without
any hard information on what that means for a Servlet container.

> and "Tomcat 9 supports – multiple virtual hosts per connector (SNI)"

That is just standard TLS virtual hosting.

> lead me to believe
> there might be changes in Tomcat 9 that support this without extensive
> configuration changes.  Can this be confirmed?

There are no Tomcat 9 specific changes to support this feature. (But you
don't need them.)


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