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> All,
> There is the opportunity (if we can pull it together as a community) to
> run a dedicated Tomcat conference alongside ApacheCon NA 2017. The dates
> are May 16 to 18.
> The call for papers closes on Feb 11 so we have around a month to get
> organised. We'll also need to convince the conference organisers that a)
> there is a demand for this and b) we have a plan.
> Getting the right content is going to be critical to success. I've been
> thinking about this for a while and I think we can identify the right
> content if as many folks as possible on this list answer the following
> question:
> "What topic(s) need to be covered in a Tomcat conference to make it as
> easy as possible to get your employer to pay for you to attend?"
> We have up to three days and potentially multiple tracks so even if you
> think you have a niche requirement, please speak up. We typically have a
> number of Tomcat committers speaking at ApacheCon so finding someone to
> cover a particular topic shouldn't be too tricky. Equally, if you have a
> topic you could present on that you think others would find useful,
> speak up.
> Do feel free to add your +1 if someone else mentions a topic your are
> interested first. Having an idea of how popular the topics are would
> also be helpful.
> Also, we don't have to stick to the standard "Sit and listen to someone
> present for 40 mins" format. Discussions, workshops, hackathons are all
> possible.
> Some topic ideas to get the ball rolling.
> Hands-on workshop: Configuring TLS with Apache Tomcat
> Reverse Proxying to Apache Tomcat
> Load-balancing with Apache Tomcat
> Clustering  with Apache Tomcat
> Tomcat Clinic (like the users list but with everyone in the same room)
> I look forward to hearing your topic ideas.

Speaking as the guy who gets to help advertise the event, I would personally 
like to see some third-party stuff at ApacheCon. Particularly popular apps that 
people run on top of Apache Foo.

I must admit my ignorance, I don't know what that is with Tomcat. But if 
there's some very popular application that folks tend to run on top of Tomcat, 
having the expert from that community join us for this event gives us an 
opportunity to cross-pollinate with other communities.

Admittedly, we've had very little success with this, with *other* Apache 
projects, but it seems worth asking. :-)


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