Le 7/09/2017 à 02:02, James H. H. Lampert a écrit :

> Now, I'm attempting to do the same with Tomcat 8.5, and it's not working.
> I think I did everything the same as before. I uncommented AUTHBIND in
> /etc/default/tomcat8, and set it to "AUTHBIND=yes"; an
> /etc/authbind/byuid/109 (the uid of the tomcat8 user) was generated with
> contents
> and yet still, I get the stack trace given above.

Hi James,

You didn't change the TOMCAT8_USER variable in /etc/default/tomcat8 and
authbind is installed, right?

What is the output of (as root):

su tomcat8 -s /bin/bash -c "authbind --deep /bin/bash -c 'netcat -v -p 443 -l'"

Emmanuel Bourg

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