On 9/7/17, 3:15 AM, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
You didn't change the TOMCAT8_USER variable in /etc/default/tomcat8 and
authbind is installed, right?

What is the output of (as root):

su tomcat8 -s /bin/bash -c "authbind --deep /bin/bash -c 'netcat -v -p 443 -l'"
Well, all that does is ask me for a nonexistent password (Google Compute instances are ssh-by-keypair only), but if I change the su to a sudo, then:
jamesl@xxxxx:~$ sudo -u tomcat8 -s /bin/bash -c "authbind --deep /bin/bash -c 
'netcat -v -p 443 -l'"
Can't grab with bind : Permission denied
jamesl@xxxxx:~$ sudo -s /bin/bash -c "authbind --deep /bin/bash -c 'netcat -v -p 443 
listening on [any] 443 ...
jamesl@xxxxx:~$ sudo -u tomcat7 -s /bin/bash -c "authbind --deep /bin/bash -c 
'netcat -v -p 443 -l'"
listening on [any] 443 ...

So apparently, there's something different between the tomcat7 and tomcat8 user profiles that's killing authbind.

From /etc/passwd:
. . .

The only places "tomcat7" and "tomcat8" appear in /etc/group are:
. . .

The only difference I see is the home directories.

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