On 07.09.2017 16:21, Vinay A S wrote:

We have installed Apache Tomcat version 4.1.30 on our iSeries server.

I don't even know what to tell you. Some of the people on this list may not even have been born yet, when that version was released.

(Ok, I am pushing it a bit; it was 2004, 13 years ago; so they may have been born, but still in primary school)

Recently we have upgraded the OS400 Operating System from Version 7.1 to
7.3 where Java 7 and Java 8 are introduced. After this upgrade, Tomcat is
giving an HTTP status 500 exception report.

I don't know if anyone here will be able to help, with such an old version of Tomcat. But in any case, an error 500 should be reflected in the tomcat logfiles. Just in case, please view the logfile at the time of that error, and copy and paste the relevant part here. (Do not send it as attachment, really copy and paste it in your email)

We explored the Tomcat portal and found that we are running Tomcat on a
lower version and that needs to be upgraded.

No kidding..

 But we are unable to find the
exact procedure to install Tomcat on iSeries server.

There is a subsystem TOMCAT running on the system with Job QP0ZSPWT being

Please advise on the version of TOMCAT that needs to be installed on the
system as well the procedure to install it.

I believe that this is a question that you should ask to your system support people (or IBM). This list here focuses on tomcat, as per http://tomcat.apache.org.
The current version is 8.5, which requires at least a Java 7 JVM.

Tomcat per se is Java code, and will run on any platform that has an appropriate JVM available. Installing Tomcat on any platform however, is more the resort of the package managers of the corresponding platforms/OS'es.

First find out which version of Java is available/installed on your platform.
Then consult this page : http://tomcat.apache.org/whichversion.html
to determine which version of Tomcat is appropriate (the higher, the better)

Once you have done this, there are further instructions in each version's documentation, that outline the installation. For example, for tomcat 8.5, here :

The above concerns the tomcat which you would download from tomcat.apache.org.
But in all likelihood, there are special pre-packaged tomcat versions available for your specific platform, which might simplify this.
But this, you need to ask your sysadmins.

Note that there are not really "tomcat upgrade" procedures for upgrading your tomcat 4.1 to 8.5. You will need to install the new tomcat (preferably somewhere else than the old one), and then move your applications one by one from the old to the new.
If you are reasonably lucky, they might still work unchanged.
But do not move the old tomcat settings, to the new one. That will not work, and will create a mess. Find out what you might need to change in the new standard settings, and do it there (after making a backup).

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