Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your opinion.
Just my last comment here to close this thread.
BSAFE is anyways EOL now (or will be soon). We are already working on a 
replacement. Currently we are using the latest and greatest version of BSAFE 
with extended support.
Once again, thank you all for the great support.
I have another query (different topic) coming shortly...:-)

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> On Oct 12, 2017, at 7:59 PM, Christopher Schultz 
> <ch...@christopherschultz.net> wrote:
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> Harish,
>> On 10/12/17 10:55 AM, Harish Krishnan wrote:
>> Thank you all for the help and responses. We figured out what the
>> problem was. What I did was correct in terms of the attribute
>> setting, the tomcat version used and the JRE version used. However,
>> I did not realize our JRE is running in FIPs mode using RSA BSAFE
>> as the crypto provider.
> FIPS strikes again!
> In this case, it's not really FIPS's fault, it's RSA's BSAFE. Anyone
> using RSA's BSAFE these days ought to lose their job. Plow that thing
> under with salt and use a trusted crypto provider (lol, Oracle, I guess)
> .
>> When I tested and ran under standard JRE, then the server cipher 
>> suite order was preferred.
> You are probably using an ancient version of BSAFE. Your random
> numbers are probably all ones. Seriously, you need to dump BSAFE.
>> Now I will have to look into what RSA library is doing here.
> Leaking like a sieve, probably.
>> Probably they are setting that Java API too which could be 
>> overwriting our setting in tomcat.
> If that crypto provider is in use, then it'll likely affect the whole
> JVM. It just occurred to me that Tomcat doesn't have a setting for the
> crypto provider to use for TLS itself... only for the various
> "stores", etc. We probably ought to add that, and then you could
> choose "JSSE" as your provider and avoid BSAFE.
> - -chris
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