On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 1:48 PM, Ramya Elineni
<relin...@microautomation.com> wrote:
> The "Initial memory pool" and "maximum memory pool" are the two 
> configurations under Tomcat. I couldn't find any detailed explanation of how 
> Tomcat uses these settings. I request you to please provide me that 
> informaiotn so that I can have the appropriate values set on a production 
> environment. We are encountering issues where Tomcat is running on the higher 
> end of the maximum memory pool configuration after about 25 days of its last 
> restart. Thanks.

I assume that you're referring to the JVM arguments Xms and Xmx. There
isn't a tomcat-specific setting to control JVM memory allocations;
you'll need to read more about that in the java documentation of the
appropriate JVM, but it isn't much more to the arguments than what you
already stated. As far as 'appropriate values' goes, those are
subjective because everyone's application's have different memory
needs. You will have to do some load testing to determine how much
memory your application will need to function properly. If your
application is behavior abnormally and there are OutOfMemoryExceptions
occurring you can also analyze a heap dump from the event to determine
if you have an application problem causing memory issues, or if you
just need more memory.

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