On Nov 17, 2017 12:18 AM, "Ramya Elineni" <relin...@microautomation.com>

The "Initial memory pool" and "maximum memory pool" are the two
configurations under Tomcat. I couldn't find any detailed explanation of
how Tomcat uses these settings.

Those settings are equivalent to Xms and Xmx values respectively.


request you to please provide me that informaiotn so that I can have the
appropriate values set on a production environment.

Ideally you should put your app under load testing, measure heap usage and
after that you can set min/max heap. If you have lots of available RAM,
then you can bumped up  the max size by few gigs. But setting arbitrary
values without knowing the heap usage pattern can cause unwanted trouble.


are encountering issues where Tomcat is running on the higher end of the
maximum memory pool configuration after about 25 days of its last restart.

What problem(s) are you facing? Long pauses or crashes? Please look at the
GC log, if you are printing it already. Otherwise please use visualvm or
jconsole to get the memory usage details.

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