If you are looking for replication maybe you can out my project, it is
HerdDB, you can find it on github or check the website http://herddb.org
It has a jdbc driver and natively supports replication, using Apache
BookKeeper and Apache Zookeeper.
It is 100% free and opensource, ASL v2 licensed.

I am an happy user of postgres and mysql and Hbase but HerdDB talks
natively SQL like Mysql and PG and it is natively distributed like Hbase.
It can run in Embedded mode, so that you do not need an external set of

Hope that helps
Ping me of you need help or use github issue tracker or subscribe to the
mailing list

Pg vs mysql....for complex applications with heavy usage of complex queries
PG is surely better from my experience


Il mer 24 gen 2018, 22:38 Loai Abdallatif <loai.abdalla...@gmail.com> ha

> Dear  all
> I have project that is based on Tomcat/apache Servers , any one can help
> regarding the best DB engine  * mysql or Postgress ) keeping in mind that
> I'm interested in DB clustering/Replication feature ?
> Kind Regards,

-- Enrico Olivelli

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