On 11/04/18 09:22, Richard Tearle wrote:


> I've built tomcat from source using the link you provided, and rebuilt the
> containers with this tomcat, and can still reproduce the issue. I've uploaded
> the logs (30s before the connection closed error), to dropbox:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe50jbd196krtyo/logs-10-04-17.zip?dl=0

Thanks for these.

I've started to look at them. I don't have any firm conclusions yet. I
have noticed that the problem occurs after a connection is made to the
service from localhost rather than the remote IP that is making the
other requests. The localhost client does not present a certificate.

My working theory (so chances are it is completely wrong) is that the
missing certificate in the request from localhost puts the OpenSSL
engine into an error state that is not correctly handled by Tomcat
causing the subsequent request to fail.

I've also noticed that the debug level log message consistently report 0
bytes being read which looks wrong but is probably a separate (minor) issue.

Investigations continue.


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