this discussion was already done more on this list, but i wanted to pin
point it a bit more because i do think tomcat should fix this (or in tomcat
or do pre emptive authentication in the deploy task (allow this at least))

currently in a new version of Tomcat it is very hard to deploy large war
files because if you just do deploy you will get:

 [echo] Tests FAILED OR ERROR caught when deploying/testing solution
test_ngSelenium_listview_tableview: java.io.IOException: Error writing
request body to server
 [undeploy] FAIL - No context exists named

This you get at least for the first deploy that you try.
i did notice that the second one did work after that, just ignoring in a
try/catch that first one
So though lets get the very small sample.war (5kb:
https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/appdev/sample/) and deploy that
one first:

but then i get this one:

java.net.HttpRetryException: cannot retry due to server
authentication, in streaming mode

more people are having that:

i guess i could try/catch that again an hope that it somehow does remember
to send the user/pw upfront the next time..

But i did see that deploy taks also has localWar support.. So used that
because i can do that everything is on the same server. But for people that
runs tomcat somewhere else this wont help.

I think developers of tomcat should really look into these problems,
Maybe just fixing the deploy hook to add an attribute
"preEmptiveAuthentication" to set that to true. Then all these problems are
gone. Because all these problems are because you git an url that need
authentication when directly doing a put ...
And the latest tomcats behaves differently if the contents is small or big.
But both don't work anymore...

Johan Compagner

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