On 13.12.18 05:51, Adlet Azhibek wrote:
> *Hi all!*
> how should download a new version of tomcat with *necessary (.jar) files in
> a "lib" directory? I need, for example, "**spring-websocket-5. 1.3. RELEASE
> .jar" in "lib". What should I do? I've downloaded necessary jar files from *
> https://mvnrepository.com, *but it doesn't work**.*

Define "necessary": No Spring library is necessary for tomcat, so most
likely you can't download Tomcat anywhere *with* all the libraries that
you need for an arbitrary application.

If you have the libraries, you can copy them to tomcat's lib directory
yourself. Or better, bundle them in the webapp's WEB-INF/lib directory
for any webapp that requires them.

If you're a developer/vendor of an application that runs on Tomcat, your
installation instructions (and ideally the delivery package) should
include the libraries that your application requires (and that you're
willing to support). To equip your development environment with the
necessary dependencies, you'll need to use the appropriate way
prescribed by your build tool. E.g. if you use Maven, and you declare a
dependency as "provided", you better make sure that it is provided.

But ideally, have everything that you need in your webapp bundled in
WEB-INF/lib, rather than in tomcat's global lib/ directory.

Does that help, or did I miss an obvious aspect?


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