Tomcat 8.5.23
RHEL   7.5

We are looking to set up session management via Redisson to offload the CPU
consumption of using Tomcat's built in clustering session management.  We
have CPU licensing limits and need to conserve as much CPU as possible.

I have never set up a configuration this way, however I have Redis set up
and running as 1 Master, 1 Slave.  I seemingly just need to point our
application to it.  I have read this doc on how to:

It seems pretty straight forward except for the redisson.conf configuration:

Add RedissonSessionManager into tomcat/conf/context.xml

<Manager className="org.redisson.tomcat.RedissonSessionManager"
          configPath="${catalina.base}/redisson.conf" readMode="REDIS"

I am more familiar with YAML so plan on configuring the redisson.conf as
such.  I have read the referenced configuration wiki page:

However, it has a great deal of options and I'm not sure what is and is not

I am reaching out here on the Tomcat user group to see if anyone else is
using Redisson for session management and if maybe I can get some guidance
on a basic redisson.conf configuration.  I'd also be interested in comments
on if there are better options or things to watch out for.

Thanks in advance,


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