We have a farm of VMs, each running multiple instances of tomcat (up to 80 
instances per server). Everything has been running fine for years, but recently 
one server has started nailing the CPU to 100% utilization.

We have tried:

  *   Different versions of tomcat and JDK
  *   Doubling the resources to 16 cores and 56 GB RAM
  *   Moving the VM to different physical server
  *   Rebuilding the tomcat instances on a brand new VM using Windows Server 
  *   Rebuilding the tomcat instances on a brand new VM using Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 7.5

Nothing has worked. No matter where we run the tomcats, they drive CPU up to 
100%. Meanwhile the other six servers are still running fine. They all run the 
same canned tomcat applications.

We would appreciate some guidance on getting to the bottom of this problem.


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