Did you reviewed the localhost_access log file. Which web-application is
using tomcat the most ?

On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 9:53 AM Eric Robinson <eric.robin...@psmnv.com>

> We have a farm of VMs, each running multiple instances of tomcat (up to 80
> instances per server). Everything has been running fine for years, but
> recently one server has started nailing the CPU to 100% utilization.
> We have tried:
>   *   Different versions of tomcat and JDK
>   *   Doubling the resources to 16 cores and 56 GB RAM
>   *   Moving the VM to different physical server
>   *   Rebuilding the tomcat instances on a brand new VM using Windows
> Server 2019
>   *   Rebuilding the tomcat instances on a brand new VM using Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux 7.5
> Nothing has worked. No matter where we run the tomcats, they drive CPU up
> to 100%. Meanwhile the other six servers are still running fine. They all
> run the same canned tomcat applications.
> We would appreciate some guidance on getting to the bottom of this problem.
> --Eric
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