Hi  I would like to seek some guidance on the issue we are facing in 
production. We got two new ubuntu 16 boxes and we are using tomcat 8.5.40 for 
deploying java/spring apps (spring version 3.2 and some resteasy & jersey 
libs).Since some of it is a legacy codebase, we had to make sure everything 
works in the new tomcat 8.5.40 server (previously the code was deployed on 
tomcat6).We saw everything work as expected in our lower environments (which 
are also on ubuntu16) but started seeing some weird class loading issues ONLY 
on one machine but the other machine works fine. (we have some duplicate 
jars).Has anyone run to this issue and if so how did they solve it?Also has any 
one written a custom classloader and if they have how did they do it?
Any help is deeply appreciated.
thank youSagar Jadhav

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