On August 31, 2019 8:31:30 PM UTC, Sagar Jadhav 
<sagarm_jad...@yahoo.com.INVALID> wrote:
>Hi  I would like to seek some guidance on the issue we are facing in
>production. We got two new ubuntu 16 boxes and we are using tomcat
>8.5.40 for deploying java/spring apps (spring version 3.2 and some
>resteasy & jersey libs).Since some of it is a legacy codebase, we had
>to make sure everything works in the new tomcat 8.5.40 server
>(previously the code was deployed on tomcat6).We saw everything work as
>expected in our lower environments (which are also on ubuntu16) but
>started seeing some weird class loading issues ONLY on one machine but
>the other machine works fine. (we have some duplicate jars).Has anyone
>run to this issue and if so how did they solve it?Also has any one
>written a custom classloader and if they have how did they do it?
>Any help is deeply appreciated.
>thank youSagar Jadhav

You haven't told us what issue you are seeing. Without more information it is 
going to be very difficult to provide advice.


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