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> 50k connections is quite a lot. Is this a physical or virtual server?
> Do you expect to have lots of long-lived connections that are mostly
> idle (e.g. WebSocket)? Or do you just want to handle huge amounts of
> actual load (i.e. lots of requests)?

It's a physical server with a relatively high load (100 requests per second
when low), serving mostly text/html content.

Due to default TCP internals, one connection can be long-lasting, only
round trip time to confirm that the message is received could last 200ms.
50000 connections are how many connections server can accept at the same
time. We certainly want to be able to serve 10000 hits per second (!),
while some connections might be stalled. And to survive a DDoS attack which
tries to keep connections stalled using server farms (if it ever happens).

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