On 02/12/2019 14:41, WILLIAM n SUSIE ENGELKE wrote:
> As someone new to working with Tomcat (8), I see that a lotof the 
> introductory documentation suggests to use CVS (and in conjunction withant) 
> for handling software revisions. However, I have read discussions aboutthe 
> superiority of git for handling software revisions / commits, etc., andalso I 
> wish to put my code where it will be publicly accessible, i.e., ongithub.
> Will git work just as well as CVS for tomcat appdevelopment,


> or are there specific, important reasons why the Tomcatdocumentation 
> consistently refers to CVS for this?

Only that that section of the docs is out of date and badly in need of
an update.

> Any thoughts?

If you wanted to provide a patch for the docs, that would be great.


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