On 04.02.20 20:31, Hua Zhang wrote:
> Best tomcat team,
> Hereby I have a question about an issue I found by using RewriteValve
> on tomcat 9.30
> The rewrite.config is very simple:
> /RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} =youkoop.com <http://youkoop.com>
> RewriteRule ^.*$ https://www.youkoop.com [R=301,L]
> /
> All I want is just redirect a naked root domain to a www domain with
> The redirection works on HTTP but not HTTPS.
> http://youkoop.com => https://www.youkoop.com *works*
Note: Images don't get through in this mailing list. I can imagine what
"works" means, but for your next example: Please elaborate what "does
not work" means.
> *https*://youkoop.com <http://youkoop.com> =>
> https://www.youkoop.com *does not work*

First thing to test: Does https://youkoop.com work without the redirect,
then with the "wrong" host name? Otherwise it might be as simple as a
misconfigured TLS host that's never invoked because of a certificate


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