Am 04.02.2020 22:16, schrieb Hua Zhang:
What I mean with word 'works' is: the RewriteRule has been executed.

That is not the case by HTTPS. The rule has not been executed while the
RewriteCond is fulfilled.

Can you give us more information on your setup? Is there any Proxy/Loadbalancer in front of your tomcat? If so, can you show us details on that setup?
What is the value of the host request header in both cases?


Olaf Kock <> 于 2020年2月4日周二 下午9:06写道:

On 04.02.20 20:31, Hua Zhang wrote:
> Best tomcat team,
> Hereby I have a question about an issue I found by using RewriteValve
> on tomcat 9.30
> The rewrite.config is very simple:
> /RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} <>
> RewriteRule ^.*$ [R=301,L]
> /
> All I want is just redirect a naked root domain to a www domain with
> The redirection works on HTTP but not HTTPS.
> => *works*
Note: Images don't get through in this mailing list. I can imagine what
"works" means, but for your next example: Please elaborate what "does
not work" means.
> *https*:// <> =>
> *does not work*

First thing to test: Does work without the redirect,
then with the "wrong" host name? Otherwise it might be as simple as a
misconfigured TLS host that's never invoked because of a certificate


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