Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tomcat List:

We have a situation.

Earlier today, something (we don't know what) caused the Tomcat (7.0.93) server on our AS/400 to go crazy, producing a 70G+ catalina.out file, and rendering the machine generally unresponsive.

Once I was able to get a terminal session (through a reserved "console" Ethernet interface), I forcibly shut down the Tomcat server.

Then, after saving the enormous catalina.out file, I restarted Tomcat, and it brought up all contexts but the ROOT (which was having "persistence directory" problems, which I've passed on to our Tomcat specialists). I tried stopping and restarting that context, with no change in its behavior.

But then, I tried shutting down and restarting Tomcat again, and this time, it comes up, and opens the port, but no contexts start, not even one that's nothing more than a directory with a static web page in it!

Anybody here have any idea what could be going wrong? It seems to get stuck on "Deploying web application archive" and "validateMarFile."


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