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> Subject: Re: Does Tomcat/Java get around the problem of 64K maximum
> client source ports?
> Hi Eric,
> On 26.03.20 18:58, Eric Robinson wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > Many people say the maximum number of client ports is 64K. However,
> TCP connections only require unique sockets, which are defined as...
> >
> > local_IP:local_port -> remote_ip:remote_port
> >
> > Theoretically, it is possible for a client process to keep using the same 
> > local
> source port, as long as the connections are to a unique destinations. For
> example on a local machine, the following connections should be possible...
> >
> > ->
> > ->
> > ->
> > ->
> >
> > I've seen this demonstrated successfully here:
> >
> > https://serverfault.com/questions/326819/does-the-tcp-source-port-have
> > -to-be-unique-per-host
> >
> > As someone on that page pointed out, while it is possible, it does not
> commonly occur in practice "because most TCP APIs don't provide a way to
> create more than one connection with the same source port, unless they
> have different source IP addresses." This leads to the 64K maximum client
> port range, but it is really a limitation of the APIs, not TCP.
> >
> > So how does tomcat handle things? Is it limited to a maximum 64K client
> source ports, or is it 64K per destination, as it should be?
> To be honest, I can't remember to have seen a web- or application server
> that accepts 64K concurrent connections at all, let alone to a single client.
> I can't come up with any reason to do so, I'd assume that there's a DOS attack
> if I get 100 concurrent incoming connections from a single IP, and a
> programming error if the server sets up more than 1K outgoing connections
> Maybe I'm missing the obvious, or have only administered meaningless
> installations, but I fail to see the real world relevance of this question.

I don't blame you for being puzzled, but this not about tomcat accepting 
connections. It's about tomcat acting as the client, where MySQL is the server. 
I'm referring to client connections from tomcat to MySQL. We have about 1800 
instances of tomcat running. This question comes up once in a while when tomcat 
can't connect to MySQL. Trust me, it can be an issue.


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