On 08.05.20 19:50, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Olaf,
> On 5/8/20 13:19, Olaf Kock wrote:
> > You might want to hunt down duplicate classes in the JAR files on
> > your classpath. Worst case: unpack them all in temporary
> > directories and check for occurrences of the filename. Make sure
> > that one doesn't overwrite the other when unzipping.
> Or unpack them all and let the unzipper tell you if there are any
> filename collisions.
> Someone has probably written a "classpath scanner" that will just
> unzip everything and look for conflicts.

I've gotten follow up questions on how to use those tools in the past.
Key is to identify all the jars, less the options of the tool, but since
then I've just reverted to mention the low-tech version, and am not even
ashamed ;)

That's not to say that I don't trust Jonathan to use a classpath scanner
- it's just a low-tech-preference out of habit.

Plus, due to this habit, I currently can't come up with a tool's name to
look for :D


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