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> On May 10, 2020 11:31:02 AM UTC, calder <calder....@gmail.com> wrote:
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> >I asked the DevOps person about the error - turns out it was a
> >SAXParseException when using the & char in the string.
> That is standard XML. You have to escape reserved characters in the XML.


XML is a data format.

> > He vaguely
> >remembers a shell issue with the bang char.
> I think he is mistaken. There is no issue using ! in XML.
> There are no limitations on the characters for the shutdown password. You 
> might need to encode some of them to define the password in XML but that is 
> all.

Control characters (e.g. CR, LF:  &#13; and &#10;) - anything with
code less than whitespace(32) and the character with code 127 cannot
be used. Anything else can be.

For reference, the await loop that waits for the shutdown command:

Note lines 546-548:
if (ch < 32 || ch == 127) {
command.append((char) ch);

The code that sends the command:

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