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> Dear collective wisdom,
> as the EOL of Tomcat 7 is looming, we are migrating our legacy app from
> Tomcat 7.0 to Tomcat 8.5. We deploy exactly the same war in both versions.
> For some reason Tomcat 8.5 adds null characters to the end of JavaScript
> files. For instance, jQuery file served by Tomcat 8.5 ends with “})( window
> ); �����” where five last characters are bytes 00. Tomcat 7.0 serves the
> same file correctly. In case it matters, the issue occurs in both windows
> 10 and windows server 2016 environments.
> I assume this has something to do with character encoding. Original
> js-file is cp1252. I have perused Tomcat 8 migration guide and Tomcat
> encoding FAQ and experimented with the various options but so far with no
> luck. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I'd advise you to convert your files to UTF-8.
Or tell Tomcat to write responses in your preferred encoding.

> Tuukka

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