Dear collective wisdom,
as the EOL of Tomcat 7 is looming, we are migrating our legacy app from Tomcat 
7.0 to Tomcat 8.5. We deploy exactly the same war in both versions. For some 
reason Tomcat 8.5 adds null characters to the end of JavaScript files. For 
instance, jQuery file served by Tomcat 8.5 ends with “})( window ); �����” 
where five last characters are bytes 00. Tomcat 7.0 serves the same file 
correctly. In case it matters, the issue occurs in both windows 10 and windows 
server 2016 environments.

I assume this has something to do with character encoding. Original js-file is 
cp1252. I have perused Tomcat 8 migration guide and Tomcat encoding FAQ and 
experimented with the various options but so far with no luck. Any advice is 
greatly appreciated.


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