I debugged this further and the problem seems to be because of the below code 
in Http2UpgradeHandler class:

    private void closeIdleStreams(int newMaxActiveRemoteStreamId) throws 
Http2Exception {
        for (int i = maxActiveRemoteStreamId + 2; i < 
newMaxActiveRemoteStreamId; i += 2) {
            Stream stream = getStream(i, false);
            if (stream != null) {
        maxActiveRemoteStreamId = newMaxActiveRemoteStreamId;

When we take 1st StreamId as 2147483641, the above loop takes around 4~5 
seconds to execute and hence, the response is delayed.

Prateek Kohli

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I must say that we're also seeing weird, seemingly random response delays from 
Tomcat on HTTP/2 We haven't looked into it at such a low level though. We're 
currently on
9.0.35 but we've been seeing this on previous versions as well.

*Manuel Dominguez Sarmiento*

On 21/05/2020 05:32, Prateek Kohli wrote:
> Hello,
> Tomcat version : 9.0.29
> We are running a Tomcat Http2 Server and a Jetty http2 client.
> When we send 1^st request from Jetty client to tomcat server with 
> streamId number as 1, tomcat sends the WINDOW_UPDATE header and the 
> response in 1~2 milliseconds.
> Packet number 164 is the response in the below tcpdump.
> But when we send the 1st request from jetty client to tomcat server 
> with streamId as 2147483641, the 1^st response from tomcat comes after 
> almost 5 seconds
> And the response for subsequent requests comes within 1~2 milliseconds.
> In the below tcpdump it can be seen that the response packet number
> 167 comes after almost 5 seconds from the tomcat server.
> Would you please be able to explain why the response from tomcat 
> server is getting delayed when the 1^st StreamId number is a large 
> integer i.e. 2147483641.
> Regards,
> Prateek Kohli

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