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> Output will be sent privately.

Got it. Tx.

Looking at the direct case.

It looks like you have debug logging enabled for everything. You only
need it for the org.apache.coyote.http2 package.

grep "http2" catalina.2020-05-21.log | less

gives a nice clear view of what is happening which is roughly:

22:34:29 Client sends request headers and ~64k of body on stream 1
22:34:29 Server sends 401 response and resets stream 1
22:34:29 Client resends request with authorization header but NO body
22:34:31 Server tries to read request body
22:34:51 Server times out trying to read request body
22:34:51 Server sends 500 response due to timeout and resets stream 3

It looks like the response to stream 3 includes an authorization challenge.

I think something isn't quite right with the authentication process.

Which authenticator are you using?

Would expect to see a second challenge form the server or should the
client be authenticated once the first auth header has been processed?

What is triggering the read of the body here?

Why isn't the client sending the body?

The proxy logs don't show nay http2 traffic at all.


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