We are observing that under high load, my clients start receiving a GoAway
frame with error:

*Connection[{id}], Stream[{id}] an error occurred during processing that
was fatal to the connection.*

Background : We have implemented our clients to close connections after
every 500-1000 requests (streams). This is a load balancer requirement that
we are working on and hence such a behavior. So with a throughput of around
19k, almost 40 connections are closed and recreated every second.

After we receive this frame, my clients start behaving erroneously. Before
this as well, my clients start sending RST_STREAM with canceled for each
request. Could this be due to the number of connections we open? Is it
related to the version of Tomcat? Or maybe my clients are misbehaving?

Now since I only receive this under heavy load, I can't quite picture
enough reasons for this to happen.

Any possible clues on where I should start looking?

My Stack:
Server - Tomcat 9.0.29
Client - Jetty 9.x

Thanks in advance

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