On 24/06/2020 12:17, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 22/06/2020 11:06, Chirag Dewan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Update: We found that Tomcat goes OOM when a client closes and opens new
>> connections every second. In the memory dump, we see a lot of
>> RequestInfo objects that are causing the memory spike.
>> After a while, Tomcat goes OOM and start rejecting request(I get a
>> request timed out on my client). This seems like a bug to me. 
>> For better understanding, let me explain my use case again:
>> I have a jetty client that sends HTTP2 requests to Tomcat. My
>> requirement is to close a connection after a configurable(say 5000)
>> number of requests/streams and open a new connection that continues to
>> send requests. I close a connection by sending a GoAway frame.
>> When I execute this use case under load, I see that after ~2hours my
>> requests fail and I get a series of errors like request
>> timeouts(5seconds), invalid window update frame, and connection close
>> exception on my client.
>> On further debugging, I found that it's a Tomcat memory problem and it
>> goes OOM after sometime under heavy load with multiple connections being
>> re-established by the clients.
>> image.png
>> image.png
>> Is this a known issue? Or a known behavior with Tomcat?
> Embedded images get dropped by the list software. Post those images
> somewhere we can see them.
>> Please let me know if you any experience with such a situation. Thanks
>> in advance.
> Nothing comes to mind.
> I'll try some simple tests with HTTP/2.

I don't see a memory leak (the memory is reclaimed eventually) but I do
see possibilities to release memory associated with request processing

Right now you need to allocate more memory to the Java process to enable
Tomcat to handle the HTTP/2 load it is presented with.

It looks like a reasonable chunk of memory is released when the
Connection closes that could be released earlier when the associated
Stream closes. I'll take a look at what can be done in that area. In the
meantime, reducing the number of Streams you allow on a Connection
before it is closed should reduce overall memory usage.


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