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On 6/23/20 21:33, Brian wrote:
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> <users@tomcat.apache.org> Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 20:01 To:
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> File "catalina.out" not being created/populated when using Tomcat
> 9.0.31 + Ubuntu 20.04, and content goes to the Ubuntu syslog
> instead?
> Le 24/06/2020 à 02:35, Brian a écrit :
>> Good news: I updated "/etc/tmpfiles.d/tomcat9.conf" (the file I
>> created) with the new value of 2770. Deleted all the logs inside
>> "/val/log/tomcat9" and restarted Ubuntu. "catalina.out" got
>> created and populated. Bad news: Then I deleted all the logs
>> inside "/val/log/tomcat9" and just restarted Tomcat (which is
>> something I do sometimes, in production). "catalina.out" didn't
>> get created this time.
>> Just to confirm, again I deleted all the logs inside
>> "/val/log/tomcat9" and restarted Ubuntu. "catalina.out" got
>> created and populated again.
>> Any ideas?
> The catalina.out file is held by rsyslogd and isn't recreated
> unless you restart rsyslogd. Try this when you clean the logs and
> restart Tomcat:
> systemctl restart rsyslog tomcat9
> Hi,
> I just realized that when the "bad news" experiment took place, in
> the syslog there was NOT another of those " file
> '/var/log/tomcat9/catalina.out': open error: Permission denied.."
> errors, so I guess it was not a permissions issue anymore, which
> makes me think that the "2770" value finally solved that issue.
> That is nice, thanks! OK, I restarted rsyslog and the started again
> Tomcat as you adviced and... you are right, the catalina.out file
> got created again. So I think you are right about rsyslogd still
> holding the log file.
> To be honest with you, I'm happy about the catalina.out file
> finally getting created and I really appreciate your kind help, I
> really do. But I'm not really happy about having to restart rsyslog
> before every time I need to restart Tomcat.
You don't have to restart rsyslog every time you restart Tomcat. You
just have to restart if if you delete its log file out from underneath i

> It is weird, and I guess a lot of users will never imagine that
> they have to do that and they will not feel very pleased when they
> realize that the catalina.out file doesn't get created after
> restarting Tomcat. And probably most of them will not even notice
> that the Tomcat log is being added to the syslog, for that matter.
> This whole new relation between syslog and Tomcat is really weird
> and I don't think the users are being warned about it. I have used
> Tomcat+Ubuntu for several years and I haven't seen this
> complication before. If there is an advantage about this relation
> between syslog and Tomcat, I really can't see it.
This is how logging is done with systemd for better or worse.

- -chris
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