Le 22/06/2020 à 18:43, Brian a écrit :

> I'm not really an expert with Linux. It would seem to me that the "adm" group 
> (to which syslog seems to belong) lacks a write permission

Indeed, rsyslog in Ubuntu runs as syslog:adm and needs special
permissions to write to /var/log/tomcat9. This issue should be reported
to Ubuntu.

The tomcat9 package in Debian isn't affected by this issue because
rsyslogd runs as root.

> OK, I did it and the write permission was added to the adm group. I restarted 
> Tomcat.... and it worked, the catalina.out file got created! However, after I 
> restarted the whole Ubuntu, I discovered that the permissions went back to 
> how there were (not write for adm). Why is that?

The permissions on this directory are managed by systemd-tmpfiles. The
tomcat9 package defines the expected permissions in
/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/tomcat9.conf and the permissions are enforced when
the system starts.

It's possible to override the default settings, you have to copy the
configuration file to /etc/tmpfiles.d/ and change the permissions on
/var/log/tomcat9 from 2750 to 2760:

  cp /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/tomcat9.conf /etc/tmpfiles.d/
  sed -i s/2750/2760/ /etc/tmpfiles.d/tomcat9.conf

The write permissions for the adm group will then be persistent.

> In any case, why is this permission required in my new VPS, if the old one 
> lacks it and catalina.out works perfectly?

I guess your older VPS had the tomcat8 package installed. The tomcat9
package is different as it leverages several systemd features to improve
the security and the reliability.

Emmanuel Bourg

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