Periodically, in an otherwise normal running system, I get one simple mySQL query/create/update that takes 25+ seconds.  I'm pursuing this with mySQL logs and other steps on the mySQL end. But I have a couple of questions related to the TC side.  I start and end a timer on each side of a statement.execute() call.  So the 25 second delay is happening somewhere downstream from that. The connection has already been retrieved.  So I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with connection pool wait.  Is there anything else that goes on inside the jdbc stuff that might cause this?  (I realize that's a long shot...)

Somewhat related, in digging though mySQL logs I'm seeing clusters of:

2021-06-25T20:01:08.609810Z 73013 [Note] Aborted connection 73013 to db: '----' user: '------' host: '172.xx.xx.xx' (Got an error reading communication packets)

I found several of these in clusters of 3 or 4 together, timestamps a few mS apart, then they stop for hours.  I'm curious what is happening.  I'm not seeing, as far as I can tell, any errors like this reported back to my client code.  But connections being terminated can't be a good sign.  Does the jdbc driver intercept these and retry? Are these coming back to my client code, and I'm just not catching/logging them?    I've looked up what could cause this message, and nothing really seems to apply to my configuration.




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