Two quick questions.

Question 1:

When tomcat creates a TCP connection to a remote server (for example, a 
back-end database) tomcat is acting as the TCP client in that case. Does it use 
the IP it is listening on as the source IP for its outbound client connection?

For example, Server1 has three IPs: (primary), and two additional IPs, and Tomcat is listening on It receives a request 
that requires it to connect to a database server. When it creates a TCP 
connection the database server, which IP does it use as the source address?

Question 2:

Suppose you have two instances of tomcat on the same server. TomcatA is 
listening on and TomcatB on First, TomcatA establishes a 
connection to a remote server from its source IP, source port 3456. 
Can TomcatB, which is listening on a different IP, also establish a connection 
to the remote database server using the same source port 3456, given that the 
sockets is unique (different source IP)?


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