On 02/07/2021 01:10, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
On 7/1/21 4:55 PM, in response to:

I will note, however, that the Tomcat servers in question are
*not* configured to listen on any ports other than HTTPS (either
443, 8443, or something else in that vein) and the shutdown port.

Shawn Heisey wrote:

In that case, you don't need h2c, and probably don't want it.

O. . . . k.

That makes sense, so far, but how is it even enabled? Is there some way
I could have h2c enabled, with the situation I described (no HTTP at all, not even as a redirect), and not *know* I have it enabled?

With no HTTP configured, there is no way h2c can be enabled.

You have to explicitly add an appropriate <UpgradeProtocol ... /> element to an HTTP connector. You then see a log message on Tomcat start along the lines of:

The ["http-nio-8080"] connector has been configured to support HTTP upgrade to [h2c]

Configuration h2 (the standard encrypted version of HTTP/2) works the same way but you add the <UpgradeProtocol ... /> to a connector configured for HTTPS. In that case the log message on start looks something like:

The ["https-jsse-nio-8443"] connector has been configured to support negotiation to [h2] via ALPN


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