On 09.07.21 07:58, Jerry Malcolm wrote:
> I have one webapp that processes REST-style url paths and therefore
> needs to run in the ROOT context.  Is it possible to run other webapps
> in the same host with other non-root contexts?   In other words, when
> resolving a URL to a web app, does it try to map the url to the
> defined context strings first, and then to ROOT if there are no
> matches?  Or does ROOT override everything, and all URLs go to ROOT if
> it's defined?
If memory serves me well and this behavior didn't change in the past
decade, then all other web applications have precedence over root. That
is, if you deploy ROOT.war and json.war (and assume the context-path to
be /json), then your root application's /json path would never be reached.

It's easy to visualize this way around, because it's an absolutely
static mapping with the size being "number of webapps", while the other
way around, ROOT could also map /* to one of its servlets and then
determine what to do it. The spec has to means to explicitly hand a
request back to the appserver and every app would rather generate 404
than check if somebody else might be there to handle it.


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