On 7/9/21 01:58, Jerry Malcolm wrote:
I have one webapp that processes REST-style url paths and therefore needs to run in the ROOT context.

I'm not sure the conclusion follows from the premise, here. You can certainly use REST-style URL paths and not have a context at the top-level.

Is it possible to run other webapps in the same host with other non-root contexts?

It is, but I wouldn't recommend it. Well... I would definitely recommend /against/ it in some situations. Specifically, when both the root and other web applications both need to use cookie-based sessions. If you have two applications fighting over whose JSESSIONID cookie is the one to use for login, Bad Things can happen.

If your root context and/or none of the non-root contexts will be using cookie-based session-tracking, then you will probably be fine.

In other words, when resolving a URL to a web app, does it try to map
the url to the defined context strings first, and then to ROOT if
there are no matches?  Or does ROOT override everything, and all URLs
go to ROOT if it's defined?
It's the latter, otherwise it would be pretty much impossible to deploy anything when a ROOT context was present.


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