On 21/07/2021 15:06, Berneburg, Cris J. - US wrote:
Hi Folks :-)

Got some questions about turning on compression.  Looking at the documentation 
(I did not read the whole thing, just the portions in question), I still need 
some clarification.


1. compressionMinSize - What are the units, bytes?


2. compressibleMimeType - If you specify a type explicitly, like "application/json", what 
does it do with the defaults, like "text/html"?  Are they over-ridden, so they need to be 
specified explicitly too?  Or is it cumulative?

Default is over-ridden.

Thanks for your time.

P.S.: If a documentation update is recommended, I would be happy to make the 
changes, but I would probably need guidance for that too.  ;-)

Source file is here:

A pull request is fine. If you prefer to provide a patch, use "diff -u" format, create a BZ issue and attach the patch.


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