I have a team that is running into issues since version 9.0.48 where they are 
receiving incomplete message responses from Tomcat when the request was made 
from WebLogic. Here is the data I was provided:

it is breaking application files by truncating the files from source to 
destination which similar to our issue JS (javascript) file from App Server to 
App F5 to Web server. It is giving below error and it is working fine with 
9.0.46 when we revert and not working with 9.0.48/9.0.50 versions.

adrum.js:27 Error: Loading chunk 28 failed.
(timeout: https://<sanitized>......./<sanitized>.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js)
    at c (app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:1)
    at app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:1
(anonymous) @ adrum.js:27
eu @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
n.callback @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
pa @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
au @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
dc @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:64
Wo @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
pc @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
Xu @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56
(anonymous) @ app.bundle.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js:56

Network level we are seeing TCP Window Full intermittently when this file 

We also have this information:
Detailed Problem:
Tomcat version 9.0.48 started to cause production issues in A and W apps (and 
possibly others).

After some additional research we assume this issue is related to one of the 
known bugs listed in RedHat TC release 
[Fix:] Expand the unit tests for HttpServlet.doHead() and correct the flushing 
of the response buffer. The buffer used to behave as if it was one byte smaller 
than the configured size. The buffer was flushed (and the response committed if 
required) when the buffer was full. The buffer is now flushed (and the response 
committed if required) if the buffer is full and there is more data to write. 

As stated above, 9.0.46 appears to work, but .48 and .50 are both broke.

Any help?

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