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I have a team that is running into issues since version 9.0.48 where they are receiving incomplete message responses from Tomcat when the request was made from WebLogic.

Incomplete responses from 9.0.48 onwards. That sounds like a recently fixed regression. That issue happened with TLS.


*adrum.js:27 Error: Loading chunk 28 failed.*

(timeout: https://<sanitized>......./<sanitized>.5af0fea300ccf52ff152.js)

That looks like TLS is being used which is consistent with the suspected root cause.


*_Network level_* we are seeing *TCP Window Full* intermittently when this file transfer.

This is also consistent with the likely root cause. The regression was in the handling of incomplete writes.


After some additional research we assume this issue is related to one of the known bugs listed in RedHat TC release notes <https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-9.0-doc/changelog.html>.

Fix:  Expand the unit tests for HttpServlet.doHead()

Not an unreasonable guess but it looks to be an incorrect one.

I always recommend looking at the open bugs and the changelog from the CI system to see if the issue being observed has already been reported (and possibly fixed).


This looks much more like bug 65448 to me:


Any help?

The fix will be in 9.0.51.

Snapshots (NOT formal releases) are available for testing from:

Usual caveats apply. These aren't releases. Use them entirely at your own risk.

In terms of a workaround, switching from NIO to NIO2 should avoid the issue.


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