On 2/20/22 13:35, John Barrow wrote:
That's my understanding as well, just that they have to have a defined folder structure within the zip but can unzip with any utility program. When you say "consistent content", how would you determine that without actually 'suck and see' which would lead to having to interfere with Tomcats reload algorithms, not something I would be comfortable with.

The algorithm just needs a little bit of tweaking IMO.

Is there a read-only method (e.g. isValidZip() in a Library that is
available to Tomcat) that I could call to check this? I will know the
file that has been changed / replaced and so know that it has a .war

Don't bother peeking into ZIP files, JAR file, etc.

Please take a look at the code that is already there (see Mark's hint
about where to start) and you'll see how it's already done. You don't even need to use any Java APIs that deal with files-on-disk *at all*.


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