On 13/03/2022 13:29, Jose Illescas wrote:
I think that Tomcat mayor version must be change when updateing some of
their specs (servlet/jsp7/websockets/...)

This strategy allow us to refer to tomcat with: Tomcat-9 or Tomcat-10
avoiding annoying names as tomcat-10.0.X or tomcat-10.1.X

     IMHO I think that Tomcat 10.1.X version must be renamed to 11.X

The community disagrees with your humble opinion.


The plans for 9.10.x have evolved. Largely because the Tomcat API hasn't changed much between 9.0.x and 10.0.x/10.1.x.

There is a commitment that there will be a Tomcat version that supports the Java EE 8 API (part from the minimum Java version requirement) for as long as there is a demand for it. Exactly what that ends up looking like is TBD. My current best guess is around the time 9.0.x reaches EOL we'll introduce 9.10.x that backports of lot of the changes in the 10.1.x branch. When 10.1.x reaches EOL we'll introduce 9.11.x etc.


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