Thank You for your response and link...

But I disagree with their opinion, because the "jakartization" of packages
it is a very rupturist change:

All libraries, frameworks and applications that run over a j2ee container
(tomcat, jetty, jboss...) must be changed or adapted. For me, this is
enough reason to force a mayor version change)

If you see from a developer point of view:

   - Versión 10.0 (supports Jakarta EE 9) disappeared when Jakarta EE 10
   released (as proposed in your link)
      - I prefer ignore the 10.0.X version (currently is latest and stable
      release of Tomcat) and wait until Tomcat 10.1.X released (support Jakarta
      EE 10).
         - Why I change all my applications to run over 10.0.X (Jakarta EE
         10)? when this versión 10.0.X will die in a "very" near future?
         - forced to me a double change, now, to run over Tomcat-10.0.X
         (Jakarta EE 10) and another change to run over Tomcat- 10.1.X version
         (Jakarta EE 11)

I see an forced version alignment between Tomcat and Jakarta EE


   - Tomcat 7.0.x : support Java EE 6
   - Tomcat 8.5.x : support Java EE 7
   - Tomcat 9.0.x : support Java EE 8
   - Tomcat 10.0.x : support Jakarta EE 9 (with my proposal)
   - Tomcat 11.0.x : support Jakarta EE 10 (with my proposal)
   - Tomcat 12.0.x : support Jakarta EE 11 (with my proposal)

    New policy:

   - Tomcat 8.5.x : support Java EE 7
   - Tomcat 9.0.x : support Java EE 8
   - Tomcat 10.0.x : support Jakarta EE 9 (disappears when Jakarta EE 10
   released, developers must be readapt their apps to Jakarta EE 10)
   - Tomcat 10.1.x : support Jakarta EE 10 (confused with 10.0.x version,
   is not the same)
   - Tomcat 11.0.x : support Jakarta EE 11

On Sun, Mar 13, 2022 at 5:42 PM Mark Thomas <> wrote:

> On 13/03/2022 13:29, Jose Illescas wrote:
> > I think that Tomcat mayor version must be change when updateing some of
> > their specs (servlet/jsp7/websockets/...)
> >
> > This strategy allow us to refer to tomcat with: Tomcat-9 or Tomcat-10
> > avoiding annoying names as tomcat-10.0.X or tomcat-10.1.X
> >
> >      IMHO I think that Tomcat 10.1.X version must be renamed to 11.X
> The community disagrees with your humble opinion.
> The plans for 9.10.x have evolved. Largely because the Tomcat API hasn't
> changed much between 9.0.x and 10.0.x/10.1.x.
> There is a commitment that there will be a Tomcat version that supports
> the Java EE 8 API (part from the minimum Java version requirement) for
> as long as there is a demand for it. Exactly what that ends up looking
> like is TBD. My current best guess is around the time 9.0.x reaches EOL
> we'll introduce 9.10.x that backports of lot of the changes in the
> 10.1.x branch. When 10.1.x reaches EOL we'll introduce 9.11.x etc.
> Mark
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