Hello, I don't know if this is interesting, but while I started Tomcat in IDEA 
debugger, when I had breakpoint set to NullPointerException (so that it breaks 
on all of them),
then it break here:


public static String replaceProperties(String value, Hashtable<Object, Object> 
staticProp, IntrospectionUtils.PropertySource[] dynamicProp, ClassLoader 
classLoader) {
    if (value.indexOf(36) < 0) {

"value" is null.

A bit more up in stack trace, it is here:


public InputSource resolveEntity(String name, String publicId, String baseURI, 
String systemId) throws SAXException, IOException {
    name = this.replace(name);

"name" is null.

One more up:


String name = null;
if (resourceIdentifier instanceof XMLDTDDescription) {
    name = "[dtd]";
else if (resourceIdentifier instanceof XMLEntityDescription) {
    name = ((XMLEntityDescription) resourceIdentifier).getEntityName();

// When both pubId and sysId are null, the user's entity resolver
// can do nothing about it. We'd better not bother calling it.
// This happens when the resourceIdentifier is a GrammarDescription,
// which describes a schema grammar of some namespace, but without
// any schema location hint. -Sg
if (pubId == null && sysId == null) {
    return null;

// Resolve using EntityResolver2
try {
    InputSource inputSource =
        fEntityResolver.resolveEntity(name, pubId, baseURI, sysId);

"name" is null.

It was parsing this:


So the problem seems to happen in org.apache.xerces XML parser, or in Tomcat.


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