On 15/03/2022 14:42, Christopher Schultz wrote:

On 3/15/22 06:45, Harri Pesonen wrote:
Hello, that xml file is embedded in catalina.jar, so obviously I have not modified it:


It's not obvious at all. If you are capable of attaching a debugger to Tomcat, you are most certainly capable of modifying an XML file within a JAR file.

It does not prevent Tomcat startup.


It only prevents me from finding the NullPointerException in my
application startup.
Does it? How so? Because the NPE happens before your NPE happens and you can't get past it?

But because NullPointerException is always a bug, I was thinking that
someone might be interested.
I'm sure someone *is* interested.

You already have the important stack trace lines in this message, and
you can easily reproduce the problem by starting Tomcat in debugger
and having breakpoint in NullPointerException.
So are you asking for help, or reporting a bug?

If you are asking for help, and I'm asking for more information and you tell me "go get it yourself" then I'm a lot less likely to be helpful, don't you think?

If you are reporting a bug, then consider it reported.

And fixed.


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