6 Jul 2023 20:09:01 Daniel Andres Pelaez Lopez <estigm...@gmail.com>:

I am aware Tomcat community did a great effort to move Tomat to
Virtual Threads friendly, but I am not sure why HTTP2 was not part of
that effort?

The plan was always to see where the bottlenecks were as folks start to experiment with Loom support and fix issues as they arose. It helps focus effort on where it is really needed.

These fixes look fairly simple. We should be able to get them done for the August releases (the July releases have already been tagged). We can make -dev builds available earlier or you can build Tomcat from source to test the changes if you are interested.

As it happens I've spent most of today looking at ThreadLocal vs SynchronizedStack vs new Object() in various places in the Tomcat code base without reaching a clear conclusion. Which kind of proves the point that if we guess where bottlenecks might be we'll probably be wrong.


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